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As Always and in a new blogging I would like to say to everyone welcome and thank you for visiting this topic  , I will start putting Some Funny Love Quotes in different posts and each post will have 10 Quotes until we make the maximum quotes

1- "If sleep does not separate couples, there would be twice as many divorces. " (Philippe Bouvard)

2 - "who speaks with an open heart is often asked to close his mouth. " (Pierre Perret)

3 - "Love is very rich in honey as gall. " (Plaute)

4 - "Love is like electricity. The stove is lit without thinking about price. " (Patrice Desbiens)

5 - "who seeks a beautiful woman, good and intelligent, not looking for one but three. " (Oscar Wilde)

6 - "Love gives you wings and then you tear off in flight. "

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"There are two kinds of love: the unhappy love, that makes you odious and the satisfied love that makes you idiot. " (Gabrielle Colette)

8 -
"Young people want to be faithful and are not, olds want to be faithless and can not. " (Oscar Wilde)

9 -
"Never Make Love in Saturday night because if it rains on Sunday, you will not know what to do. " (Sacha Guitry)

10 -
"Getting married is easy, housework is difficult . "

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