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This is my 21 post in my blog and I chose to post some love quotes but before I must talk about the real meaning of fidelity.
everyone knows that fidelity is the most important to succes a relationship, without fidelity we have sadness,people got sad, hurt, when they find their lover cheat on them , but  the question why some lovers cheat ? why don't we show the true love
anyway that's sad and we mustn't do that, if you want to break up just tell you want that and don't hurt who loves you with cheating. fidelity doesen't stop here, is between friends, famlies, and we don't have to broke this relation with some bad behaviours. and this why I'm going to post some quotes about loyalty

Quotes :

1 - << A faithful wife is a woman who cannot live more than love at the same time. >>
by Edward Lytton

2 - << The only true love is self-love. >>
Sacha Guitry

3 - << The stories are full of examples wihch illustrate fidelity of dogs rather than friends >>
Alexander Pope

4 - <<  Fidelity in love is the desire of laziness .>>
Henri de Régnier

5 - << The unfaithful woman has remorse, the faithful woman has regrets. >>Japanese Quote

6 - <<
Wounds from a friend can be trusted, but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful. >>

7 - <<
Loyalty is a dream of jealousy. >>
Charles Dumercy

8 - << Be faithful in your first impression. >>by Gabrielle Colette
9 - << For women, loyalty is a virtue, but for men,  is an effort. >>
Alfred Capus
10 - << Loyalty to a death is damnation for a living. >>
by Marie Laberge

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