Romantic Sms to say good night

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this is some Love Romantic Sms to say goodnight to your love

1- I will walk many kilometers just to be in your arms this night, I miss you, good night

2 - I wish you were by my side right  now, in my bed with me. Unfortunately you are far away, but that does not stop me from wishing you a good night.

3 -
The stars and the moon shine, one more hug, one more smile, one more kiss, and another. It's time to sleep and to close your eyes. Good night.

4 -
I hope one day my dreams will come true and that I would wake up alway by your side, and now good night to you baby

- When the cool wind of night  caresses my cheek, I guess it is a kiss from you

6 -
Did you sleep ? me not yet , I couldn' sleep until I you wished a good night and sent you a lots of kisses.

7 -
You know how it makes me happy to go to bed every night and I know that you're my woman? big kiss and good night baby

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