The best models SMS to say "I love you"

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In this Blogging I like to give you Some Sms to say I love you , you can send it on facebook wall or by phone or anything

- 1st  Love Sms

My princess
this small sms is a tenderness message that you confess with the most beautiful poetry that I could not live without you, I think about you every second of my life, I love you to madness. I miss you  baby.

- 2nd Love Sms: I miss you
you're so steeped in my heart that when I close my eyes I see you  are here, but what I miss is being able to hold you against me.

- 3rd Sms Love : My heart is
Since you walked into my life, you make me discover life in pink and you have revived my dreams, My desires before My heart going to be paused!

- 4th Sms Love: I Still loving you
In silence I love you, In secret I adore you
You knew how to change me, I learned to love you.
If one day I die and you opened my heart.
It will be written in golden letters: I Still loving you.

- 5th Sms Love: I love you

I'm not Victor Hugo to tell you a big words as I am not  Badelaire
to tell you poems but  I rest myself to tell you I love you.

- 6th Sms Love: I'm lost ...
Big Kisses to my darling that I miss so much. I need you, I need to feel you in my arms. You are the most beautiful of my life. I love you for eternity. I kiss you. Your Love.

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